How could my email address be construed as SPAM?

Answer Some automatic text can be interpreted like spam. You should contact them. Most services, I remember the example of YouSendIt, warn you that the receiver should add their mail to the white list, so... Read More »

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What to Do If My Email Is Sending Spam to My Address Book?

Many email users have experienced the following scenario: You log into your email account, only to find that every person in your address book has been "spammed" with cryptic email messages, often ... Read More »

How to Reduce Spam With a Temporary Email Address?

Almost all websites require a valid email address to register. The more unscrupulous ones sell your email address to spammers and you get deluged with emails, pornography, scam attempts or worse. T... Read More »

I have just discovered my email address is being used to forward spam- how do i stop this?

I'm assuming this is a home pc - it sounds as if you are a victim of a bot (a malicious program transmitted via a virus or trojan that logs into a remote server and becomes part of a botnet). Your ... Read More »

Is this some sort of spam/virus/dodgy email It is only a link to an address:

Of course it's a scam message. If you get links that you didn't specifically ask for from someone you don't know then it is almost 100% sure to be a scam. Just delete the email and forget about it.