How could i unhidden my file in my usb flash?

Answer simply follow the steps given by karen if you have hidden those files.and if that does't work or if the files are hidden by virus follow the steps given below.1. Insert the thumb drive to an empty ... Read More »

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How do I convert a Flash FLV file to a SWF file?

Import FLV FileCreate a new Flash document, making the dimensions the same as your FLV movie. Import the FLV file ("File">"Import">"Import video...") onto the Stage.Convert to SWFPublish the new Fl... Read More »

How do I convert a Flash file to a wmv file?

Converting Flash to WMVNavigate to ConvertFiles, FreeFileConvert or Media-Convert (see Resources). Click the file adding button, such as "Browse..." on a site like ConvertFiles, for example. Double... Read More »

Can you put an ISO file on a flash drive?

An ISO image can be placed on a flash drive as long as the flash drive has the appropriate space. For example, if you have an ISO image that is 2 GB, make sure the flash key has more than 2 GB of s... Read More »

What is a PHP flash file?

PHP flash files are website scripts that allow computer programmers to create web page content that can interact with databases. The PHP flash files help improve the user experience by making the w... Read More »