How could i get my phone back?

Answer I am sure the real issue is not cleaning the room one time but rather KEEPING it clean at ALL times. Keep it clean for a month and she will probably get it back BUT as for sympathy you will get non... Read More »

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What is the best cell phone company that I could go with cause I need a phone.?

Find out who your friends & family use. It may save on your bill if you can make mobile to mobile calls in a network. My b/f & I have Cingular which allows me to call me sisters w/o using our min... Read More »

Hey I got my phone soaked I heard rumors about microwaving your phone. Could you do that to revive it?

Absolutely not. Its merely something someone wants you to do for fun. Inside your cell phone are a bunch of highly sensitive electronics, sticking it in the microwave will cause electrons to spark ... Read More »

If you could bring back any TV show, which show(s) would you like to see brought back?

Firefly without a doubt! Best sci-fi show I've seen in a long time, I would like them to turn up the sci-fi a bit and tone down the western....the balance they had in Serenity was perfect!

Telephone: How could i simplify 3 phone in one phone?

The internet is filled with 4-line phones that don't require any other electronics…Pretty much, you can find them anywhere from $80 to hundreds (The Xblue... Read More »