How could early US foreign policy be described as brilliant?

Answer a) this constitution shall be the supreme law of the land b) the president shall be the commander in chief of the army and navy [c) congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religi... Read More »

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How did US foreign policy change in the age of Imperialism from early US foreign policy?

The United States and Iran had a very antagonistic relationship in 1980, and therefore the United States want to inflict a serious blow to Iran. Therefore the American leadership helped Saddam Huss... Read More »

What was the policy of the US during the early years of world war 2 regarding foreign policy?

Was early us foreigh policy a primarily a defensive reaction to perceived or actual theats from Europe asses the validity of this generation with reference to us foreign policy on two major issues?

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What was US foreign policy in the early 1900s?

George Washington's Foreign Policy: Although United States had established peace from Great Britain from The Treaty of Paris of 1783 it was still unstable. Washington worked towards gaining the Uni... Read More »