How could anyone on Facebook have 800 plus friends?

Answer "Friends" on Facebook aren't necessarily people you know. The people who have 800 friends? They don't know most of those "friends", they just send friend requests to anyone who looks interesting an... Read More »

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Facebook: If two people have 92 mutual friends shouldn't they be friends?

well if people have 92 mutual friends and aren't friends themselves than most of the 92 probably aren't real life friends, just friends over facebook. It seems the average for everyone on facebook ... Read More »

Can my friends view how many friends i have on facebook?

yes, they will be. It is listed under the "My friends" box on your profile. Though I think there may be a way to make that box invisible. don't sweat it though, everyone knows new-bees to Facebook ... Read More »

Anyone know how to see recently added friends on new facebook?

When you login on facebook, look up in the right hand corner. Click on *account* and a bar should appear. Click on *edit friends* and it will load a new page. On the upper left there is a collum. M... Read More »

Does anyone know how to find the average age of Facebook friends?

Write/get somebody to write a bot that crawls ages on your friend's pages. There may already be one in existance.