How could I have a Big Impact on Pepsi ?

Answer Legal means are rarely sufficient to bring about real change.Although in this case you could propably try to get a petition. If they see that thousands and thousands of people want that drink back... Read More »

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How could homework impact a family emotionally?

Bring you together to help another family member

How could the iPhone 4S impact your life?

It's just an added ability that Apple decided was nessecary for the Iphone 4s, there is no real reason behind it. .... Apple needed something distinguishing that has potential sell 4s from 4 and ... Read More »

How could damage to the conduction system of the heart impact stroke volume?

A sustained vt or vf affects the depolarisation. Of cardiac myocytes also the ventricular activation time thus stroke volume and cardiac out put.

How to Choose Between a High Impact and a Low Impact Workout?

Workouts are often categorized as either high-impact or low-impact. This refers mainly to the force that the exercise exerts against your joints, including your spine and connective tissues like li... Read More »