How could I get rid of a love bite?

Answer Trolls should wait a few days before trolling. When you troll on the same day you open an account it gives you away.So open another account, and answer a few questions, wait a month or two then tro... Read More »

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Do you think you could ever love a child that was adopted the way you love your own?

I agree with you but only if I had a biological child and an adopted child. If I were not able to have children then I think I would love that child as if I grew him or her inside of me. My husband... Read More »

How do you get rid of a love bite?

use toothpase, spread the toothpase on it and leave for 10 mins.worksss =].--- RUBBISH!!!that doesn't workbest way i have found so far is to put ice and pressure on itfalkyWRONG!!!!!!actually it do... Read More »

How can you get rid of a love bite?

wear a scarf, high necked tops, high collared shirts... etctoothpaste is also supposed to help but i dont know if this is just a myth and very much doubt can get rid of it quickly!otherwise plenty ... Read More »

How Can You Get Rid of a Love Bite in 5 mintutes?

Five minutes is a bit of a tall order. However try putting ice on is wrapped in a thin cloth. If you cannot use ice, use a pack of frozen peas but still wrap in a thin cloth. Keep on for 10 minutes... Read More »