If some one just called me from a private number how do i get a call back number?

Answer you cant, thats why its private. durr...

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How Do You Call Back A Private Number?

*69 can't trace a private call, *82 unblocks your private number when you call out. You can dial *57 on some networks and it will trace the number and send it to the police dept., but you have to w... Read More »

How to Call Back a Private Number on My TracFone?

It is frustrating to receive incoming calls from private numbers. The calls could be from a telemarketer or a bill collector. There will be times when you cannot answer your phone when you receive ... Read More »

If someone calls you private, how can you get their number or call it back Thanks.?

Don't know if it still works, but *69 used to give you the number of last incoming call.ADD: Just looked up Bell Star Codes:*57 Traces incoming call*69 Returns last incoming call*77 Blocks Anonymu... Read More »

What is the call back number to call someone back...?

First of all, the answer IS dial *69, however, you must dial *69 before another call comes in, of course. Also, when you dial *69, what will happen is you will hear a recorded voice telling you th... Read More »