How cool is this MySpace site?

Answer MySpace is pretty cool.I looked over the answers that you have received so far, and you have a wide variety.The main thing to say to you is this: MySpace is cool if it's what you are looking for, ... Read More »

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Did you know how cool this prank call site is?

Is this site legit It's a site that sells DVD's for TV Shows.?

It's 100% legal to sell pirated american goods in China because they don't enforce American Copyright laws. This site is based out of china, and is most likely just VHS-quality shows taped off the... Read More »

What site can i use for this (tracking people who viewed my site-xanga)? is the best solution provider.

Why do so many Americans use this site (UK + IRELAND) when they have their own site?

its aquite annoying, when we use terms like "daft" or "quid" they are stumped and dont know what we are on about!Go back to your own site where u ask questions about hot dogs and popcorn!