How connect DVD player to cable box?

Answer Generally, you would not connect a DVD player to the cable box. Both the DVD player and the cable box should be connected directly to the TV set. If the TV set does not have multiple inputs, then ... Read More »

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How to Connect a DVD Player to a Cable Box & TV?

A DVD player and cable box hooked up to a television allows you to switch between cable TV programming and watching movies or other content on a disc. The connection requires two sets of audio-vide... Read More »

How to Connect a DVD Player, VCR, and Digital Cable Box?

Connecting a DVD player/VCR/cable box can be intimidating, but with a little patience, it's a piece of cake. There are several ways to connect them, but are the most common arrangements.

How to Connect an HDTV Cable Box & DVD Player?

A high-definition cable box and DVD player can be connected to an HDTV for alternating between cable programming and enjoying content on multimedia discs. The connections involve two types of cable... Read More »

Can I connect my Cable box to my DVD player to my Theater projector?

you can do this, but there you wont get the best signals. Your best best is hook up anything HDMI you can. But if your projector only has component that is as far as you can go. I would look at the... Read More »