How condos calculate amount of maintenance to collect?

Answer Condominium association budgets are calculated based on expected expenses. Usually, the association treasurer looks at the history of expenses, and determines which increases are expected for the ... Read More »

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Rules of Condos for Raising Maintenance Fees in New York?

A condominium building has individual units with separate owners that jointly own interest in "common" areas. These common areas are overseen by a condo board of managers as specified by New York S... Read More »

How do you collect maintenance fees without lawyer?

Read your governing documents to determine the process by which you can collect assessments owed, and the covenant under which assessments are owed by the owner. Proceeding without legal guidance ... Read More »

How does our condo association foreclose and collect the amount they are owed?

Read the governing documents; look in the index under Assessments. Then read about the process for notifying the owner of a delinquency, the owner's right of appeal or petition, and other steps tha... Read More »

How do I calculate the amount of fabric to buy?

Measure in inches the object you wish to cover with fabric. First measure the object's length and then its width with a sewing measuring tape. Write down your measurements.Add the two measurements ... Read More »