How concerned should i be for my 13 yr old daughter on my

Answer i don't think you should be too concerned it just all depends on how much you trust your daughter.

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My teenage daughter is dating a boy in foster care and an ex gang member. should i be concerned?

veryI suppose that might have been my first reaction too, but then I thought about it. You acknowledge he's an ex-gang-banger, and to be an ex takes a lot of character and determination, especially... Read More »

What can you do if your 15-year-old daughter moved in with her mom 6 months ago and she let your daughter's boyfriend move in and now your daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and you're sick about it?

Answer Now she must take responsibility for her actions and have that baby rather than consider an abortion. Hopefully you can talk them into giving the baby up for adoption so it will have a chanc... Read More »

What is your best sentence to say that your daughter-in-law will be loved and looked after as a daughter in a family and not as a daughter-in-law?

Just show her how much she is loved and if the occasion comes up, then you can express in words how you feel at the time. Actions will let her know how you feel!!

How is your sister's daughter's daughter related to your daughter's daughter?

Your granddaughter and your sister's grandaughter are 2nd cousins.