How concerned should i be for my 13 yr old daughter on my

Answer i don't think you should be too concerned it just all depends on how much you trust your daughter.

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My teenage daughter is dating a boy in foster care and an ex gang member. should i be concerned?

veryI suppose that might have been my first reaction too, but then I thought about it. You acknowledge he's an ex-gang-banger, and to be an ex takes a lot of character and determination, especially... Read More »

Should I be concerned?

Get back to our country and see a doc, sounds like maybe Mono, but could be any number of things from a simple allergy to something more severe.

Why did my ipod freeze and should i be concerned?

No...mine does it all the time. Annoying though, seen as I spent £230 on it only 4 months ago! The best way to un-freeze it is hold the menu button and the centre button down together for about 6 ... Read More »

Fell and hit my head...should I be concerned?

Yes you should be concerned. Never take a head injury lightly if the pain does not subside after taking OCT pain meds. call your doctor immediately.