How competitive is MSN search as compared to Google and Yahoo! Search?

Answer As far as refers to website from major search enginesGoogle: 1299Yahoo: 431MSN/Live Search: 371So as far as I am concerned Google is my Cash Cow

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Why when using google or yahoo search engines do i always get redirected to some crappy adult search engine?

adware / spyware. try running 1 of theseAdaware http://www.lavasoft.comSpybot http://www.spybot.infoAlso make sure you don't have a satic DNS (thats 1 way they do this) Also make sure you have ... Read More »

I would like to have google or bing search bars in addition to yahoo search bar. Is it possible!?

yes it is possible..go with google..called google chrome,it is easy to get

Is Google search engine better than Yahoo! Search?

Yahoo Search or Google Search ?

in my opinion i prefer google but if you cant decide use its a mixture of a lot of the most common search engines put together. it's not that bad.