How common is sex horomone imbalance in women and what are the symptoms?

Answer Women are often mistakenly informed that various health conditions are caused by an imbalance in female hormones. Although a disruption of the natural rhythm and balance of sex hormones can comprom... Read More »

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What are some physical and mental symptoms of hormonal imbalance?

There's TONS of symptoms. If you feel off, see a doctor.

Can a hormone imbalance mimic the symptoms of pregnancy?

Answer Yes it can. I suggest you see a gynecologist and get your hormones checked if you suspect this as a hormone imbalance may be a symptom of something else. Answer There is a thing called a pi... Read More »

What Are the Signs & Symptoms of Hormonal or Chemical Imbalance?

A hormonal or chemical imbalance can put your body through negative changes that might be confusing, and can even be misinterpreted to be something else. Most of the time, the changes are subtle at... Read More »

Can women with a thyroid imbalance have a seaweed wrap at a spa?

On One Hand: Seaweed Can Be BeneficialAccording to an article at the Women to Women Website by Marcy Holmes, N.P. and certified menopause clinician, women with hypothyroidism can benefit from consu... Read More »