How common is panic disorder?

Answer Panic disorder, which most commonly sprouts during adolesence and early adulthood, affects about 2.4 million adults in America. Women are twice as likely as men to suffer from panic disorder. A vic... Read More »

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How can you cure panic disorder?

According to the American Psychological Association, panic disorder is a serious ailment that may affect approximately one out of 75 individuals. A panic attack causes an immediate rush of overwhel... Read More »

When did panic disorder become a diagnosis?

Panic disorder officially became a diagnosis in 1980, with the development of set criteria for diagnosing mental illnesses in the American Psychiatric Society's Diagnosis and Statistical Manual (DS... Read More »

Who discovered panic disorder?

Panic disorder has changed in meaning throughout history from an abnormal behavior to extreme anxiety. Although panic disorder was not "discovered" by a specific person, Freud began distinguishing... Read More »

How do you overcome panic disorder?

Panic disorder is a serious condition characterized by a sudden onset of intense anxiety and terror and physical symptoms like a racing heartbeat and shortness of breath. A person in the midst of a... Read More »