How common is breast cancer in 40 year olds?

Answer The odds of being diagnosed with breast cancer between the ages of 40 and 49 are 1 in 69. However, the lifetime odds of getting breast cancer are 12.7 percent, according to the National Cancer Inst... Read More »

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Why is it so many 12 year olds think they have breast cancer?

Susie it is frustrating right? To know what you went through, how hard it was, and then to see every little girl saying they have it because of minor flaws or "symptoms" they have? It makes you mad... Read More »

Can 12 year olds get breast cancer?

The best way for you to figure this out is to see your Doctor. If you have found this tater-tot, then the Breast-self-exam is not really necessary. It's function is to find these things. Is it poss... Read More »

How common is it for breast cancer to come back?

Breast cancer recurrence rates depend on several factors including the type of cancer, age of the patient and type of treatment. In a study conducted at Philadelphia's Fox Chase Cancer Center from ... Read More »

How common is breast cancer of both breasts?

Ductal carcinoma (begins in the cells of the ducts) is the most common of breast cancers, occuring generally in one breast. Lobular carcinoma (begins in the lobules, or the glands that make milk) i... Read More »