How common is adult myoclonic epilepsy?

Answer About 200,000 cases of adult myoclonic epilepsy are diagnosed annually, mostly in children under the age of two and people over 65. The condition is prevalent in stroke patients and those affected ... Read More »

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Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy (medications)?

I'm a nurse and your ht has nothing to do with it. Though your wt and age does. A person how reaches to wt of at least 100lbs is considered to be in adult dosing range. I looked your med up in my S... Read More »

Does a myoclonic jerk always mean epilepsy?

On One Hand: Myoclonic Jerks are Common Epileptic BehaviorsEpilepsy is a central nervous system disorder in the brain. Many individuals with epilepsy experience myoclonic jerks, or involuntary conv... Read More »

Does a myoclonic jerk always indicate epilepsy?

On One Hand: Not Necessarily Signs of DiseaseMyoclonic jerks (the sudden twitching of muscles) do not always indicate epilepsy. A myoclonic jerk is simply an involuntary and unexpected muscle contr... Read More »

How common is epilepsy?

Epilepsy affects people of all ages. Three million Americans have epilepsy, and roughly 200,000 new cases occur every year. Three percent of the U.S. population develops epilepsy by the age of 75.S... Read More »