How comfy is the chair you sit on whilst at your computer?

Answer I'm like that with mine. My chair at home has wheels and a joy stick to move around

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I have just found a comfy swivel back chair on the street?

nope, but i'd use some antibacterial febreeze or something.

Severly disabled in wheelchair for life your Texan protection agent who ordered you a new chair to replace your dangerous 1 and did put your size and you received tiny chair she knew it when sales rep?

No. My best friend is bi-polar and has only been with one woman for his entire life.

How many cushions have you on your computer chair?

I am very degenerate, I have a le Corbusier chaise where I usually sit when on my computer, which is a lap top, so it either sits on my lap or on the side table!

If you were to have stitches on your foot would you feel comfy resting your legs on my shoulders?

Alessa will be here any minute now.Only if you mount pillows on there. I know about your foot fetish, so don't get any ideas.. :p