How comfortable are you about social networking?

Answer What happened to the Jatz biscuits??? Still, I like the play dough though.With Facebook, I only add people that I know in real life. This isn't meant to be an insult to any of the contacts I've mad... Read More »

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How to tell my mom about my social networking?

maybe in a talking of good the social networks

How to Deal With Being Talked About on Social Networking Websites (Pre Teens)?

Picture this. Your having a great day in school and a person comes up to you and says something you did even though you were not there. If its being talked about on a social networking site then re... Read More »

What are your thoughts about: Yahoo to turn subscribers' e-mail contact lists into social networking base?

not a good idea my dear miss missy xxxhow are you stranger? =)

Social networking sites?

Might be twitter soon.Or I think Facebook will improve and it will remain for years.It is not possible such a miracle to raise for others....