How come your vhf signal is gone?

Answer In the United States, Congress has required that major TV stations broadcast only digital signals beginning on 14 June 2009. TV and radio broadcasting begin with analog signals and older television... Read More »

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Is that Gap ad gone on your looks gone on mine...?

I posted in the forums, and there was another person that posted, he had 135 remarks, what it looks like happened is yahoo doesn't allow audio ads, so they basically apologized and said it would be... Read More »

HD TV owners, Has your electric bill gone up much since you bought your HDTV ?

I am getting a LCD this next week and the new Lasers will come out in Nov and be very high in price. Yes everyone's bill goes up here in Tn that I know about. My friend says her bill went from $40"... Read More »

What Has Gone Wrong With Your Car When Your Heater Only Works Some of the Time?

Full function of a vehicle heater not only provides comfort to passengers but is instrumental to their safety as well. Defrosters powered by heat aid in keeping glass clear and warmed air in the co... Read More »

Has anyone gone from vegetarian/vegan to omnivore What were your reasons and how did it affect your health?

Yes i did & cause of health reasons, despite me doing a vegan diet correctly and eating a varied diet it wasn't making me feel healthy. So i reverted back over time & now feel much better. Besides ... Read More »