How come your little sister has more energy than you?

Answer It could just be because she is younger than you.

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Does your mom love your little sister more?

Most mothers love all their children the same. You sister is younger than you and therefore needs more care than you do, but this doesn't mean your mother loves you any less. You may be more mature... Read More »

How do you make you parents pay more attention to you than your sister?

This is a very hard situation to be in, as I know, you are obviously feeling very down and upset, it's sometimes hard to talk to you're parents about these things, so why not try to work really har... Read More »

Why would your refrigerator be consuming more energy than usual?

Someone may be leaving the door open for too long, or opening it too often or the door seal may be bad. If cool air keeps getting out and warm air keeps getting in then the fridge is going to have ... Read More »

Why Sarsaparilla give me more energy than Energy drinks them selves?

maybe sars contain lots of sugar thats why ur body react like that..thats normal,hunn... =)