How come you have to go to the "Start" menu to shut down your computer?

Answer Because they didn't make an "End" menu...

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Can it damage your computer to switch off the power instead of shutting down via the start menu?

If you cut the power to the computer, it can't finish writing its cached data to the disk (to speed things up, when it's busy the computer holds some stuff that should be written on disk in memory ... Read More »

My computer tries to start up in power save mode even after fully shut down, can't get it to start up at all.?

To prove that it is stuck in power saving mode, press and hold the power button until it shuts down. when power light goes out, release it. Press it again to restart it. If it starts normally, it p... Read More »

How can I shut my computer down from start options not the CPU?

My Computer could not start up after it shut down, what happened?

You can reset the CMOS in the mother board to wipe the BIOS. Then insert a boot cd such as Ubuntu/Knoppix Linux and use gparted to partition your hard drives, or some other utility to rescue them. ... Read More »