How come you guys dont use google?

Answer hey steph hahasometimes the information is hard to findand others know it instantlybut there are some people that dont bother using dictionaries and thats just annoying

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How come guys dont scream and moan really during sexual intercourse?

they just don't want us to know they're enjoying it. It makes them feel like they're in control of the situation...(but we all know that's not true.)

Why dont guys my age find me attractive?

I'm 20 I think you look lovely a bit emo though but you are very good looking if I could I would date you :)

How come the youtube guys won't come out and film me?

How come when i search something on Google then click the link it opens up a new page(Google Chrome Browser)?

its in the search search something (anything!), then go to the options wrench (on the side), then click on search settings, then uncheck the box that says Where results open: Open e... Read More »