How come you guys dont use google?

Answer hey steph hahasometimes the information is hard to findand others know it instantlybut there are some people that dont bother using dictionaries and thats just annoying

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Why dont guys my age find me attractive?

I'm 20 I think you look lovely a bit emo though but you are very good looking if I could I would date you :)

Why dont guys like it when girls where makeup?

Well, I think that it's nasty for a girl to wear "skin make up", or foundation, or w/e you want to call it, because it's nasty and blotchy looking, and it messes up your skin in the long run. And a... Read More »

Why dont women like guys with long hair?

Hey guys! I am planning to buy my first flat screen TV. but I dont know which one to get?

If you plan to play games or watch fast-moving sports on them, think about one with a refresh rate of 120Hz. I bought a 52" Samsung last Christmas and wish it had a higher refresh rate.