How come you can't taste your own tongue?

Answer Because your taste buds are close to the surface of your tongue. If anything you'd taste the roof of your mouth. And I think that you do, you just don't think about it. But when that taste is gone,... Read More »

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Are the bumps on the tongue taste buds?

The visible lumps on a tongue's surface are papillae, which create the necessary friction between ingested food and the tongue. Taste buds are not as easily visible, as they are tucked into the fol... Read More »

My tongue hurts. one of the taste buds on the tip is swollen and the pain is getting worse, what should i do?

Gee, I can imagine how uncomfortable that is. That's happened to me in the past and it's a horrible experience. Unfortunately, I didn't get any assistance where that was concerned. I waited a day o... Read More »

Why do I feel pain in the bottom of the tongue after tongue piercing?

Lol, no. It's very uncommon for either of the arteries in the human tongue to curve inward to the center. And if that happened and a piercer hit a vein, you would have bled to death. Piercings (Goo... Read More »

Could burning your tongue on very hot food leave little dots on your tongue?

Yes if your tongue has been burned by a hot bevarege or food itmay cause some small dots on your tongue. If this happens,your tongue may feel pain, it will probably feel kind oflike sand paper at f... Read More »