How come women seem to be the primary carers of unwell children ?

Answer I think it is because traditionally women were the caretakers and men the breadwinners. That doesn't mean it is going on in all homes, take single dads for example... they are are taking care of th... Read More »

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Why is it that sometimes the most beautiful women seem ugly?

perfection can become very boring sometimes. they could be very beautiful, but they must suck at something, not necessarily stupid, you rarely see someone so good looking and deep at the same time.... Read More »

Why are women colder than men and always seem to have cold hands?

I am a woman and am very hot. That sounds funny! Not that kinda hot. LOL! I mean my body is hot. That sounds funny too! I mean... my husband can't snuggle me very long, I make him too warm. Almost ... Read More »

How come people seem to think Taco Bell is mexican food for real?

I think Taco Bell is American-Mexican food

Primary Children Games?

Primary games for children are easily accessible on the Internet as well as in stores. There are ample games to choose from, and they come in many categories. Fortunately, many of these games also ... Read More »