How come whenever i try to open a pickle jar my hands cramp up really bad?

Answer Arthritis that happens to me too, anytime i hold something tightly my hand cramps up.

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I had a really bad calf cramp today..?

There are a number of factors that can cause a leg cramp. The build up of lactic acid (which happens when you work your muscles), or low potassium (there are other causes, but at your age and beca... Read More »

How to Open a Pickle Jar?

Trouble opening the pickle jar? For many it can be a frustrating task that can turn them away from pickles completely. Please don't give up! Read these easy techniques and begin enjoying pickles on... Read More »

Q to those who have lost limbs, arms, hands... Do you still have it Do you keep it in a pickle jar or stuffed?

Nope my leg and all the pieces of it that were later removed all had a one way trip to the hospital's incinerator.I kept my first prosthetic though.

My husband suffers from cramp, can anybody suggest remedies to help. Its really painful. He is a roofer.?

Your husband should try something called Quinine, it relieves cramps. Try going to a Health food shop and they should have some products containing quinine in capsule form. Quinine is also containe... Read More »