How come whenever I try to seach something on Wikipedia it forwards me here?

Answer You have a virus/spy-ware on your computer. If you do not have any virus protection, I would suggest getting AVG Anti-Virus as well as Ad-Aware. They are both free and available for download at htt... Read More »

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Why do I get chock whenever I eat something before sleeping?

yes should go to a doctor before this gets complicated...may Allah give you complete health,Amin!!

Why is it that whenever I try to put a source on Wikipedia, it says error?

You need this code at the bottom of the page to make the references show up:==References==Else it will show the error message in red.

Whenever i eat something sweet my teet really hurt, why?

How do I get my computer to stop making noises whenever I open something new?

Someone's been toying with you babay. They've activated a sound setting.. and deactivated the ability to change it with your access level. Sheesh. Nice friends!