How come when you get a concussion, you're not supposed to go to sleep?

Answer For one when you have a concussion, one can get nauseated and throw up and if they are sleeping they can suffocate on the vomit and the other is that they can slip into a coma because of the damage... Read More »

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Can you take a cough drop if youre taking benadryl at night to go to sleep?

Go for it.............. cough drops are harmless. It's the NYQUIL liquid stuff ya have to watch the alcohol content if you're mixing it with other medications. I also have wicked allergies, ... Read More »

Are you supposed to sleep with a bra on or without one?

I think it's best to wear a sports bra to bed because it offers support without smothering the girls I'm only 15 and my breasts aren't sagging and are still growing so. I must be doing something right

Is a newborn baby supposed to sleep in a bassinet or a crib?

A CRIB because they will sleep better and wont be like sleeping in wood'

How am I supposed to sleep at night knowing that Schmecky is in the vicinity of the escaped Bronx Zoo Cobra?

Dude, that's an Analconda in my pants, as if you didn't already know that! That B.Z. Cobra best reckonize Teh Schmecky or it's gonna need some dentures!