How come when i wake up in the morning, i feel weak and go back to sleep?

Answer I sympathise with you. I sleep 7-9 hours and feel absolutely fine, if I sleep over 9 hours I start to feel like crap and if I sleep less than 7 hours then (as long as it's only once) I don't notice... Read More »

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When i wake up i feel very weak.?

1 Take good balanced diet.2 See that you have at lest 8 hours a day sleep 3 Learn to relax4 Practice Yoga and Meditation

What are the best vitamins to take in the morning, if you feel weak?

Check out this product. It sounds like it would be perfect for you. I recommend it to all of my patients.…

How can you wake up in the morning after having very little sleep?

I know what you mean! I go to bed around midnight and try and wake up around 6am (try). What I do is basically put my head into a state where I'm absolutely petrified of not waking up in the mornin... Read More »

My teeth feel weak this morning... Should I start flossing?

You need to start flossing. What happens when you don’t floss is that when you are asleep, all the plaque from your teeth clogs your arteries. If you don’t believe me, ask you doctor/dentist. A... Read More »