How come when Curly Howard hits his head sometimes he becomes more intelligent?

Answer Eh!?You got me there LOL(((BEAR HUGS T)))

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Does intelligent poeple only becomes famous, rich and successful?

No... Look to the presidents, prime ministers, singers... Do you think they are intelligent? I don't think so...

How come when an organ donor becomes brain dead, their heart is still viable?

Braindead means there are no conscious brainwaves coming from the brain. No thoughts, no dreams, no muscle twitches, nothing.The area of the brain that controls the heart and other basic body func... Read More »

I empty my bowels 3 or 4 times a day sometimes more i have diverticulitis also sometimes i still do not feel e?

You just tossed a couple details together that really only means you poop 3 or 4 times a day. This is a stretch since you have no symptoms of anything but, you don't follow the correct diet and tak... Read More »

What should you do if your dad hits you sometimes and doesn't leave bad bruises?

If your father hits you repeatedly, you should get help right away. You must tell an adult, like your mother, your uncle, your cousin, or a teacher, or the police. If they tell you it's nothing, ke... Read More »