How come this happend?


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You are 27 weeks and have lost 10lbs since your first OB appointment you have been eating lots has this happend to anyone what could cause this?

Answer yes i lost over 2st when i was pregnant, it could be caused by many things such as morning sickness, a hormonal imbalance, or an over active thyroid as long as you and the baby are well and... Read More »

URGENT: HELP... please! this just now happend!!?

Sounds like it might be Orthostatic hypotension. DefinitionOrthostatic hypotension is an abnormal decrease in blood pressure when a person stands up. This may lead to fainting.DescriptionWhen a pe... Read More »

This realy happend folks..what dose it mean............?

I think you have a very kind Dr. who has compassion for her patients when she knows they are going through some emotionally difficult times. I'm sure she recognizes that you're a caring person who ... Read More »

How can I encourage labor to come this weekend I am 40 weeks pregnant and if he don't come I'm going to have a scheduled induction any suggestions?

induction i wish u the best of luck but u cannot encourage labor to come. Biologically, the baby will contract in the womb when he/she is ready to come, you're body is the one that makes labor poss... Read More »