How come this happend?


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URGENT: HELP... please! this just now happend!!?

Sounds like it might be Orthostatic hypotension. DefinitionOrthostatic hypotension is an abnormal decrease in blood pressure when a person stands up. This may lead to fainting.DescriptionWhen a pe... Read More »

What happend to me (Seizure)?

I am a health professional + this seizure may havebe brought on by yr smoking thr drug.Everything that happened is due to this.....You may want to see a Dr for advice......

Why does suffering happend?

One of the main things that Buddha taught was that suffering happend because of craving. For example, I craved some cupcakes at the party but ate too many, then I felt sick - I sufferd. Another is,... Read More »

What happend to Boston rob and amber?,,20295486,00.htmlThey had a baby check out the story