How come there's no digital lomo?

Answer That's a very good question. Perhaps not enough people would buy them. The market for the non-digital ones is small enough!

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Lomo Camera?

I would not recommend them for functional point & shoot.Couple of reasons:The Holga model (the most popular lomo) takes 120 medium format film, not everywhere will process this, and fewer places sc... Read More »

Which lomo camera should I get :)?

I would go for the La Sardina rather than the Fisheye. La Sardina some cool features like nice Wide-Angle Lens and multiple exposures. You can take really nice photos. http://www.cheapinstantcamer... Read More »

Other cameras like LOMO cams?

You are shopping for your LOMO at the wrong placesTry this

Lomography Film in a non lomo camera?

There is no such thing as 'lomography film' - it's not special. It is ordinary 120 roll fim or 35mm film packaged as 'lomo' film to appeal to gullible people.You can use ANY 120 film in a 120 'lom... Read More »