How come the patella cannot be seen here?

Answer Because the "slice" that you are looking at is deeper or more posterior.

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Anyone here seen Klinger?

Sorry, I've been in hiding ever since Tony Packo III was arrested for embezzling. It's gotten so bad, they may sell the glorious restaurant to some schmuck who owns a bunch of Burger Kings. *shudde... Read More »

I cannot sleep! i need major help here!?

Try not to drink caffeine 6 hours before bedtime.

What is the STUPIDEST question/answer you have seen on here?

when I read the original question from the girl having the twins and giving one away I answered that I felt bad for the one she was keeping...then I checked back later and read her additional detai... Read More »

Has anyone here even SEEN a black and white movie?

You should see Casablanca in a theater. My favorite B&W movie. It's really not the same on small screen. I hope you see it. Take my word for it, you'll enjoy it. Anybody in Seattle they're showi... Read More »