How come the more chocolate you eat the more you want?

Answer Yes, it is also said that women are more more likely to be addicted to it then men. It's mainly the coco and sugar in Chocolate that release alkaloids when eaten and these alkaloids are addictive. ... Read More »

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How do I convince my aunt to visit me My uncle n her divorced years ago n they still see each other but I miss her so much and I want her to see me more often n i want to spend more time with her?

Just tell Her that you miss her and that you want her to come someday ....

What is one food that the more you eat it the more you want Why?

Arby's Roast Beef Sandwich. I don't know why but i will eat them till i can't walk.

You want a work in mumbai for mobiles sales on commison basic and want to know the add of the distributer and more?

G3 stands for alot of things. you mean 3g but are you sure you meant in prison but in phones it stands for 3rd generation It could be referring to 3rd generation jail style.

Want some tips to reduce weight at present i am 65kgs i want to lose 10 kgs more i female can any one help me?

To lose weight decently, follow this simple diet routine, proved to be more effective:General Motors Weight Loss Diet, a.k.a. The GM Diet* - An e-mail received from Shri M Siddique (who recd from R... Read More »