How come the baby doesn't come from the stork?

Answer Stork was busy.

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What is a baby stork called?

Baby storks are called chicks. According to the San Diego Zoo, the chicks are born naked and rely on both parents to feed and care for them for a few months before they are self-sufficient. During ... Read More »

What should you do you want a baby but your boyfriend doesnt?

You are a 15 year old soon to be dad and you want to keep the baby but your girlfriend doesnt want you to What should you do?

its very hard to raise a child now a days.everything is so have to ask yourself a few guestion.1 is any one else going to help you raise the child.2 can you afford the child.3is this what ... Read More »

What should you do if your 14 and you want a baby and your pregnant but your boyfriend doesnt?

When getting pregnant as young as this very very few relationships last and you should be prepared for being a single parent if you choose to keep it. He still have to pay child support. There is n... Read More »