How come that british people drink their tea with milk?

Answer well one it cools the tea a fraction,and two, it looks more drinkable,and three it goes down a lot better when you have a sip if you stick out your little finger,with your drinking hand.up in yorks... Read More »

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Are british folk the only people who drink tea?

no everyone does. people everywhere do. in asia, middle east, the americas. any place, you name it.

Why do so many British people seem to have such bad teeth It's true about a British Smile, but why?

Ok - honestly, from someone who has immigrated from North America to live in England: Yes and no. I would propopse that the percentage of British people who have bad teeth is greater than the perce... Read More »

What happens if someone who is both lactose intolerant and allergic to milk accidentally intakes a drink which contains milk and cream?

Lactose intolerance leads to bloating, cramps and loose stools. Milk protein allergy has much broader reactions such as skin, respiratory, gastrointestinal [constipation or loose stools, colic, etc... Read More »

Why is it that we find human milk repulsive after infanticy, but still drink cow's milk with no objection?

because cows milk is a completely normal thing. womens milk is for infants and you dont see stores selling it.