How come that british people drink their tea with milk?

Answer well one it cools the tea a fraction,and two, it looks more drinkable,and three it goes down a lot better when you have a sip if you stick out your little finger,with your drinking hand.up in yorks... Read More »

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Why is it that we find human milk repulsive after infanticy, but still drink cow's milk with no objection?

because cows milk is a completely normal thing. womens milk is for infants and you dont see stores selling it.

Hey, is it true that British people don't brush their teeth? been talking to Americans who all have false white teeth.No, our teeth are better than most of the rest of the World, including Americans, check out Michael Phelps LOL.

Can lead be found in the water that people drink at their home?

Yes, lead can be found in the water that people drink at home. In most cases, the lead is the result of lead pipes or lead-based solder in the plumbing. Lead may be found in homes built prior to 19... Read More »

Why is it that when people drink straight alcohol, they spread their lips out and?

I drink straight alcohol and so do my friends....I have never seen them do this....and I don't drink it to look cool I drink it cuz I like it. But yes I agree, people who do this probably can't sta... Read More »