How come some youtube addresses are like this:

Answer because its actually the be ending means that it is from a server in belgium. Its a way to get people to click on a link that might actually be harmfulThe "be" takes the place o... Read More »

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Star this if you miss YouTube.. Come back YouTube!!!! =(?

it's back and now I forgot what I was doing..

Is this how they do this Some viruses come pre-installed?

All it takes is for one person to alter the master source code for the gadget and then all devices coming out are infected. That's why I don't trust anything made from China. They don't have strict... Read More »

How come i cannot upload this video to Youtube?

It's protected by Viacom or maybe the file is corrupted.

Can you give me some questions for my Q&A on this for my youtube video please:)?

Have you got a nickname, if yes what is it?Favourite hobby?3 things that you would like to do before you die?Favourite food?Do you do any sports?