How come some youtube addresses are like this:

Answer because its actually the be ending means that it is from a server in belgium. Its a way to get people to click on a link that might actually be harmfulThe "be" takes the place o... Read More »

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Is it best to have personal checks with addresses or without addresses?

On One Hand: Having an address makes things easierPutting your personal information on your checks can speed things up when you're trying to use a check. Without your address you'll have to write i... Read More »

Which three addresses are considered to be private addresses? ? ? ?…

What Causes Bad IP Addresses?

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses link a single computer or a small network of computers connected to the Internet to a location. IP addresses can be considered bad for a variety of reasons. Sometim... Read More »

IP Addresses?

You can't have two computers on the same network with the same IP address. The IP address is unique to each computer. Typically if you are running a router, it should automatically assign IP addres... Read More »