How come some people have copyrighted material monetized?

Answer Music is really the only think that youtube has a very strict policy about. You can get away with alot. Thats my experience anyways.

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What is remote access of copyrighted material?

Many public libraries, educational institutions and businesses provide subscription services to copyrighted material so their patrons can get digital copies of copyrighted material such as journal ... Read More »

Has anyone ever used Limewire and been caught for downloading copyrighted material?

Use LimeWire 24/7 now for a long long time.Not just downloading. I have over 150 dvds and 15000-20000 songs and music videos out on LimeWire right now.Never had any problems.LimeWire in it's self i... Read More »

Will ACTA prevent people from having copyrighted files on their computers?

Please read this article. It gives a balanced and true view of the realities. It is quite long but until more people take a real interest and understand we are going to get unfounded rumours. http:... Read More »

If youtube has banned copyrighted videos how come people are still reporting that they can view music videos?

Certain videos HAVE been banned - but not all - & if they HAVE been banned, you can search through & look for one that HASN'T been banned - cos they are out there.