How come my scanned photos look really bad on my computer?

Answer go to options int he scanner program and increase the quaility of the scan.

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Can photos be scanned to Photobucket or just the computer?

You have to scan a photo and save it to your computer, then you can upload it to photobucket. After you've uploaded it, you can delete the photo from your computer.

I have alot of photos scanned and saved to my computer is there any way i can burn them on a disk. ?

its easy if you u have a CD writer or DVD writer, because you have said about burning to disc. use some programs like Nero or magicISO etc so it can be more secure.

I have scanned to my computer some black and white photos but when i print them they are to dark what can i do?

Use some graphics software to change the brightness and contrast or levels. I recommend the GIMP to do so.LearnHawk

I look so good in the mirror, so why then do I come out looking so ugly in photos?

Yes yes yes! I am a super dog in photos! I feel your pain!