How come my printer isn't printing Please help!?

Answer Use this link to select the OS and select the HP ENVY Full Feature Software and Drivers2011-09-15 , Version:24.2.0, 100.1MIt's a big download but with it you will have the official driver software ... Read More »

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My printer isnt printing well?

sounds like a partial head clog. this item might help…

My Hp printer keeps printing blank pages please help!!!?

check your settings in control panel- printers, also check the dates on your cartriges outdated cartridges dry up!

My printer is only printing in black and blue ink - please could you help me as to why that may be.?

The other colors may be dry or empty in the cartridge, or the jets are jammed for those colors. Are you using a bona fide Canon ink cartridge or a third-party? Off brand third party stuff is notor... Read More »

My printer isn't printing and i just installes and aligned a new cartirige! please help?

Read the troubleshooting section of the manual.Or you could shut down your computer, turn off printer, and shut off the surge protector. Check to make sure all wires are plugged correctly and firm... Read More »