How come my internet slows down when my cell phone rings?

Answer The symptoms you describe sound impossible. If your computer is connected to the network with a wire, there should be no possibility of interference with a cell phone. Are you certain it's not just... Read More »

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Cell phone number just rings and rings?

Could mean anything. If they're not answering, it's probably disconnected.

I need to answer my phone if it rings while on the internet can you tell me how?

Walmart has a phone you plug into your computer. You can take or make a call while online. You'll find it in the computer isle, you know the modems and stuff. Also AOL subscribers can talk while on... Read More »

Why do car radios make that buzzing sound just before your cell phone rings?

It is called GSM buzz. It is RF (radio frequency) interference that occurs when cellphones try to communicate with cell towers. This RF is injected into speakers that are not very well shielded. It... Read More »

Is there a cell phone on the market that is programmed to electrocute its owner every time it rings?

Well dang my one of my lovely "fans" had my answer removed--I'll be danged!!What is it about that orange badge that makes people admire ya so much?anywho once again be sure to post her number so th... Read More »