How come my computer won't even recognize that I put in an SD card?

Answer Is it registered on your computer so that it will accept it?

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Computer wont recognize sd card inserted into printer?

See if there is a sd card slot on your printer if there is, use it. It will work just as good

Why wont your iPhone 3GS recognize the sim card but your blackberry will?

Try turning it off then back on with the sim card inserted

Why wont my computer recognize my printer?

If you have a gateway computer and a H.P. printer they are incompatible.

What should i do if my computer wont recognize my canon hv30?

What program did you try using to capture it?Was there an error message?What steps did you take?I have the HV30, and I just used it yesterday to copy a tape over FireWire to both a MacBook Pro and ... Read More »