How come my 1GB flashdrive can only hold 400MB?

Answer you have probably got ripped off. but just in case you didnt you can try reformatting your flash drive, you can do that by inserting the flash drive into your computer open "my computer" then right... Read More »

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How many photos can a 4g flashdrive hold?

The amount of photos that can be stored on a 4GB flash drive depends on the resolution (megapixel) of the photos you are trying to save. A 4GB card can hold 2,500 5-megapixel pictures, 2,200 6-mega... Read More »

How do I use a USB flashdrive?

Connect the Flash DriveInsert the flash drive into an open USB port on your computer. Flash drives have a built-in USB connector; the entire device plugs directly into a USB port.Open The DriveClic... Read More »

I think my flashdrive got a virus?

Can you back up your files with a flashdrive?

In a word, yes. Flash drives present themselves to computers as extra hard drives. Copying and backing up files to them is just like copying files to a hard drive. The only difficulty lies in th... Read More »