How come my 1GB flashdrive can only hold 400MB?

Answer you have probably got ripped off. but just in case you didnt you can try reformatting your flash drive, you can do that by inserting the flash drive into your computer open "my computer" then right... Read More »

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How many photos can a 4g flashdrive hold?

The amount of photos that can be stored on a 4GB flash drive depends on the resolution (megapixel) of the photos you are trying to save. A 4GB card can hold 2,500 5-megapixel pictures, 2,200 6-mega... Read More »

Why do burnable CDs only hold 80 minutes of music when they can hold 700MB of data?

Because CD players can only read uncompressed audio files (i.e. .wav). When you use cd burning software to make an audio CD it will decompress all of the audio, hence taking up more space.Lots of ... Read More »

My printer only print in colours come?

it is likely your printer "black" nozzles are dirty (obstructed) by ink.if your printer utility has a "clean nozzles" utility use it, else use a little wet (not dripping) ear stick and try to clean... Read More »

I have a friend that has another ipod nano that is a 2 gig like mine but he can hold about 500 songs while i can only hold about 170?

Often times songs do not take up the same amount of space. If you have 170 songs that all clock in to about 10,000 kb, you might fill up. If someone else has 1,000 songs at 1000 kb each, then you t... Read More »