How come monkeys aren't monks and dont have keys?

Answer haha

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Do you need insurance if you dont have a car but you drive others that arent in your family?

there are many variables in this question...most of the time NO, if you have permission to drive the vehicle (occassional use only), from the owner baring any exclusions in the policy then you are ... Read More »

Is it possible to have keys re-made for the door lock, even though I don't have the keys?

yes you can take the lock off and go to a store that makes keys they can take the lock and make a new key for it they have a machine that makes them able to do this i have done this for my house an... Read More »

Canon just released the Rebel t1i in the US but I was how come we dont have that here in the Philippines?

It may be badged as the EOS 500D outside of North America. Canon does this to decrease the "grey market".

Split water on my keyboard and some keys dont work?

Leave it off and unplugged for a few days and let it dry out completely.