How come it's not letting me scan items on the app checkpoints?

Answer New hack!!! Download the app checkpoints from the iPod/iPhone app store and register for a new account and enter the promo code: "connote" It will give you 10000 points and 100 coins

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Why is my Scanner not letting me scan my Homework?

How about telling us which specific scanner, or All-in-One printer, it is that you have, and which Operating System you're using on your computer, my friend. Someone then MAY be able to assist you.

When u do an antispyware scan is it normal to find 20 or more items EVERY day?

WOW, not really. Sounds like you are visiting sites that add a cookie to your list and track your usage. Disable your cookies, or at least make your security stronger. Some of these can also be int... Read More »

Im doing the norton scan and Ive been scanning for ages, Ive scanned 272,356 items, how many more is there?

It should tell you a percentage of the scan. It's impossible for anyone to know how much data is on your computer. Obviously the more there is, the longer it takes.

What is a software that I can download to scan items into my computer on a lexmark 7100 series printer?