How come i wake up with a dry mouth all the time........?

Answer I would say that due to the extra heat in your country that its probally that you body is dehydrated. I would suggest drink alot more water during the day and when you sleep at night your mouth won... Read More »

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Every morning I wake up with lots of boogers in my nose, where do they come from?

clean your nose/sinuses out daily with "simply saline" from your local drug store. it'll make a world of difference. oh, and your body produces the 'boogers' while filtering germs and debris you ... Read More »

Do you ever wake up in the morning and have a crust around your mouth?

I do. Its what's left of your saliva that dried on your mouth. Its just acids basically that are good for you though I wouldn't recommend eating thay crust.

How to Wake Up On Time?

Do you have trouble waking up on time in the mornings despite desperate attempts to do so?? Are you afraid you might lose your job or fail a class because you can’t get up on time? While most peo... Read More »

What time did you wake up at ?

i just finished a 12 hour shift so ill be going to bed soon!