How come i never get any Swagbucks by searching?

Answer 1.Answer the Daily Poll Every day - that right there is 365 per year2. Visit the NOSO (under the earn tab) every day - that's another 365 per year3. visit the Trusted Surveys (also under the earn t... Read More »

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Please help me understand this (adoptee searching vs not searching)?

I know what you mean... I personally am the middle of the road myself. I have a desire to search, but I know people who don't and I am okay with that. I personally think that people who believe t... Read More »

How come you never call me?

Okay! Ak! I'm really sorry ....but but ....I lost your number :|

How come the ask box on tumblr NEVER works for me?

Update the browser to the latest version to get things fixed.

How does the ink in a tattoo never come off?

Unlike other marks we make on our skin, tattoos last indefinitely. While tattoo ink affects how the tattoo looks, it is not the determining factor in the permanence of the application.Why Tattoos A... Read More »