How come i never get any Swagbucks by searching?

Answer 1.Answer the Daily Poll Every day - that right there is 365 per year2. Visit the NOSO (under the earn tab) every day - that's another 365 per year3. visit the Trusted Surveys (also under the earn t... Read More »

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Please help me understand this (adoptee searching vs not searching)?

I know what you mean... I personally am the middle of the road myself. I have a desire to search, but I know people who don't and I am okay with that. I personally think that people who believe t... Read More »

How to Use the Swagbucks Amazon E-Card? is a website where users can perform a variety of activities, such as searching on the Internet, trading in old electronics, participating in daily polls and watching videos, in excha... Read More »

Swagbucks TV not working anymore?

You need swag. Lots of it. Pretty. Boy. Swag.

How do I remove Swagbucks completely?

You should install the UNLOCKER 1.9.0 that soft will fix that problem.