How come i keep getting constant headaches?

Answer you may be having a migraine or a cluster can look those up to get more information on themthey make medicine that can be dissolved on your tongueyou should practice swallowing pills b... Read More »

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Why do I keep getting headaches?

Hi there! The headaches you are talking about could be migraines. Do you have a little lack of vision, or black spots in front of your eyes? If you exercise too much, that could be a problem. Also ... Read More »

Why does my girlfriend keep getting headaches at the end of the night?

Headaches are a common symptom of allergic reactions. She is allergic to something she is putting into her body.I'm guessing it might be your d*ck!

Why do i keep getting headaches when i have my contacts in?

I'm not an eye dr but I am a longggg time glasses and contact lens wearer. Any time you do anything new to your eyes they need some time to adjust. Even on days that I slum it and don't wear my gla... Read More »

I started a new diet and keep getting horrible headaches.?

Personally, I'd try taking a multivitamin or some other supplement in order to get what you're missing in the diet. I get headaches that don't go away if I skip meals or eat certain foods. Since it... Read More »