How come i got fatter after i went vegetarian?

Answer It's all the simulated crap.Full of fat and carbs

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Why do I feel fatter after a workout?

Maybe your diet isn't very clean? Do you feel that after you exercise, you pig out a little b/c you think that b/c you exercised, it's ok to have a piece of chocolate? It's fine to do this one in a... Read More »

How about if you were to have sex a few days after period and sperm went in one day and then went in the next day as well can u still be pregnant?

Of course. You could get pregnant the first time or the second time, but only one time. The second sperm has nothing to do with the first sperm. Sperm can live inside the body for up to 7 days.

After masturbating her vagine became fatter or bigger with pain is that normail ?

her vagine is pregnate. totally normail! congratulations!

Feelings of guilt for animal products I ate before went vegetarian?

@ Robert S, no we don't need meat. Do some research. We don't have pointy teeth like a carnivore. Also, meat can be very hard on the digestive system.Piscespets, I understand entirely. Personally I... Read More »