How come humans call themselves vegatarians/ vegans, and not herbivores?

Answer Only the dumb humans call themselves these names.

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How do vegans keep themselves healthy?

Can zebra mussels attach themselves to humans?

Zebra mussels do not attach themselves to humans. Adult zebra mussels use an adhesive filament called a byssus to attach themselves to hard surfaces like the bottom of boats, docks and even other s... Read More »

Why do vegans exist if humans are only meant to be omnivores?

We're are ment to be Omnivores we can survive on a mixture of different foods like meat and also plan produced, that is why we are omnivores. Everyone had rights and all that some people choose no... Read More »

Question for vegans/vegetarians who think that humans should not eat meat because it's not natural?

Salute me, then. Because I am a vegan who believes that humans are natural omnivores- and I'm someone who refused to go to a hospital when I broke my wrist (animal testing reasons).It's HOW the ani... Read More »